Saturday, August 2, 2014

How to stop being a doormat

I'm tired of Corporations walking all over People! Their greed pushes them too often lately into bullying and abuse whereas America values public rights and the common good. Every chance I get, I stand up for my values and beliefs and let corporations and Congress know exactly what is right and good for humanity. Sadly, they have a lot to learn.

A while back, I blogged about nine-year-old Luke Sekera of Fryeburg ME standing up to a bully trying to abuse his town. When citizens refused to enter a 45-year contract with Nestlé to give up its water source to allow the megacorporation to bottle it under the Poland Springs brand, Nestlé sued the town. Standing up for their rights has been costly, and sadly, the bully still hasn't stopped. Today Story of Stuff wants to help the town stand up to Nestlé.
Nestlé Chairman Peter Brabeck thinks water isn't a public right.
Claiborne Deming at the Story of Stuff reports that "Fryeburg is the testing ground for Nestlé's goal of water rights’ contracts that will last for generations. [...] Nestlé has shown that it will do whatever it can get away with, from causing local wells to run dry in Pakistan to pumping out millions of gallons during drought conditions in Canada and California." Fryeburg residents are suffering the result, forced to buy back their own water, bottled, for Nestlé's profits.

"Nestlé has planted its presence in Fryeburg and its schools because it wants the local children to grow up assuming their local water should come in plastic bottles. To teach them that it comes from Nestlé, not from the tap.  But imagine if the residents of Fryeburg had their customized water bottles, which they filled up directly from their local springs.  Above each of the 'hydration stations'
 will be a plaque with information and an inspirational quote about their natural spring water. Each day, the kids tote their water bottles to school, and every time they fill them up it gives them a sense of pride in their natural spring water, reinforcing that they don’t have to depend on Nestlé for their water."  Your donation can help make that happen.

And tell Nestlé that water is a public right that they should stop trying to privatize. Support that petition to keep water resources in the public domain

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