Thursday, April 24, 2014

Isn't Net Neutrality a basic Internet Right?

There you are, working online, thinking you and everyone else have the same ability to access internet content. It's only right that we all want to be able to get our information, products, and services with equal ease.
Net Neutrality means equal internet access for all -- even this cat
But FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler and the rest of the Federal Communications Commission don't seem to think so. Even though millions petitioned for equal access to be retained, the FCC has just proposed rules that would end net neutrality. The proposed rules enable big corporations to have faster internet access, making smaller operators unable to compete.

To ignore the purpose of the internet -- free exchange of information -- and sacrifice small businesses and independent users to greedy giant corporations is the antithesis of the platform.

It is the job of the FCC to prevent unfair practices by industry. The FCC is supposed to support the needs and broadcast access of America's  millions of consumers. The proposed FCC rules make a mockery of their charge to protect consumers from unscrupulous industry tactics.

The Chairman, a former cable TV and cell phone industry lobbyist, is said to have drafted the new net neutrality-ending rules himself. Wheeler should go back to working as an industry lobbyist if he cannot understand the different purpose inherent in the FCC charge.

If you agree corporate domination of the internet is wrong, tell the FCC to revise its rules to reflect egalitarian access to the internet for all.

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