Monday, March 24, 2014

What are Baby Boomers waiting for?

Author PJ O'Rourke seems indeed to be exactly what he says is wrong with the Boomer generation -- stuck on himself as typical, that is:  being "hopelessly ordinary in matters of race, class, gender identification and which section of Playboy he turned to first when he was 16" as if the only Boomer worth noting is a hetero white male.

Excuse me, but I'm a Boomer of a totally different persuasion. I never forgot the lessons of Spaceship Earth or Kent State. I remember we made a difference and know we still can.
The world we live in is still our choice.
After struggling to responsibly push for reforming the bureaucratic corporatocracy to match those Sixties values, I quit and made a better life for myself. For more than a decade, I've watched the demise of so much that could have gone better had the status actually changed instead of all those frat boys reverting to the Fifties quo as the model to emulate.

Sadly, he's right: too many greedy white males (and their copycat female counterparts) still despair while living without enough "love, happiness, experience, sensation, thrills, praise, fame, adulation, inner peace, and, as it turns out, money," unwilling to take responsibility for today's "big, broad problems" and making "an excuse for everything" as if they aren't accountable for the mess of the world we are living. If they don't figure it out pretty soon, they're going to be in for an even ruder awakening than the bumps of inertial slide they've already set the world spinning along on.

Fortunately, PJ's not totally right: I've befriended enough like-minded Boomers to discover I'm not the only survivor who valued the Spaceship Earth mindset enough to live it. We acknowledge PJ is right in this, at least: "We've reached the age of accountability. The world is our fault."

The difference is: we're still struggling to be responsible and do the necessary things to make the outcome different. We know it's time for all of us to view the world as it really is:
We're not making excuses. We're looking for ways to improve the world we all share. We're searching for ways not to pin the blame on the foolish bureaucrats and short-sighted corporate minions but to help them see that choosing better ways right now could still make a difference. We can still establish equity as the cornerstone of governmental decisions; we can still honor the values of SpaceShip Earth and save our planet.

We can still come together and learn from past mistakes and make better choices that create the lives all our hearts yearn for.

There's more than enough "love, happiness, experience, sensation, thrills, praise, fame, adulation, inner peace, and, as it turns out, money" even to go around. We just have to stop the foolish divide and dominate mentality that keeps us struggling separately.

No one of us can save the planet on our own -- but we also cannot do it without every one. Only you -- with ever other only you -- is what makes the result.
Only you -- with ever other only you -- is what makes US different.
Together, we have the capacity for synergy.On we -- together -- can change life on Earth.

We've seen the Earth from space; we know we exist on a small blue ball in a vast open space. Instead of divisively ruing that "everything you were ever told is wrong" we could be working together to save that small blue dot of a planet. By husbanding its dwindling resources and applying our vast human capacity for innovation, we still can create the better world our younger selves dreamed was possible.

Instead of despairing, though, we have to come together and act.