Thursday, September 5, 2013

Why should you care?

The growing frustration of seeing reality in an increasingly surreal America often makes me wonder whether there is any point to taking a stand against the overwhelmingly  over-the-edge extremist fantasy world around me. But as David Phillips points out in this inspiring essay, being able to care and to vocally and visibly support the right things is a privilege -- and a task worth committing to.
The Earth -- with Save? Decision box
As he says, "One must live in hope. Not the sort of hope that involves simply wishing for the best, but an active hope. The kind that moves your feet and lifts your voice. A hope that demands to be seen and heard."

I've increasingly felt that urge to stand up for my values, to speak out for my beliefs, to hope -- and work -- for a sustainable future of peace, cooperation, unity, equality and prosperity for ALL. If everyone who feels that way could just join together in the effort to live our vision, the result could be more than even we can imagine.

We are the Dream, personified. It is up to us to fullfill the vision -- to transform it from a Dream of potential and hope into a Reality of substance, empowerment, and fruition.

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