Monday, September 2, 2013

What will Exxon think of Next?

First some Labor Day diversion to keep you entertained and distracted from the huge dinosaurs of truth.

You've labored hard for your own piece of America. Now, Exxon is laboring -- or was that lobbying? -- to pay you back with interest in your own backyard. Coming soon to YOUR neighborhood: tar sands pipelines and fracked water (the kind laced with "natural" methane gas).

Exxon is going for global, one tight fossil fuel spill at a time.

Meanwhile, if you prefer a not so humorous look at the global situation, Tar Sands Action - Southern California shared this video of thousands of Ecuadorians taking to the streets to call upon their government to protect Yasuní-ITT, the most biodiverse rainforest on the planet, from oil drilling.

Ecuadorian police at the Yasuni-ITT Protest against oil drilling

As Melany Gail Mjolsness commented, "dont hate the police, actually dont hate anyone! that just adds to the problem! It was good for once to see no violence, no water cannons, no clubbing, no pepper spray ! They just stood there. Many looked pretty nervous, no doubt! It is the people in power, who are to be given our greatest compassion as they are so ill in their hearts and minds they cant seem to see the right way to live!"

Sadly, Melany is right. It is the so-called national leaders across the globe and the greedy corporate profiteers who are out of touch with the Earth and humanity. Just as Labor had to raise visibility (and again does) to be recognized and treated right, we who care for the Earth and its people must rise in visibility and make our point over and over until the truth of Earth-consciousness and compassion for all humanity becomes the worldwide way of living. 

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