Monday, September 30, 2013

What time is it for America?

When government agents are subverted by external entities to act in ways that endanger the proper function of government and force hardship on a nation's population, their traitorous acts should be exposed, and shocked citizens should demand corrective action.  It's time for the investigative journalists to report their findings.

When so-called leaders in the House of Representatives no longer fulfill their responsibilities to the citizens of this nation but vote for bills that imperil America both in the eyes of the world and in the international financial markets, it's time for the American people to recognize this danger threatening our way of life.  Most critically, shutdown votes obstruct the proper function of a government by and for the People. Putting over-zealous political partisanship before realistic cooperative negotiation raises corporate executives' profiteering above their constituents' lives and livelihoods.

Watching others try to bail out the hole at the other end will only sink the ship

In any other nation, we would deplore the tactics being blatantly displayed in the halls of Congress. It's time to deplore them here and now and stop enabling domestic terrorists from disabling our country's infrastructure and ability to function. Even The Wall Street Journal recently referred to House Republicans as "kamikazes" bent on their own destruction, and Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly has called their tactics an example of “fanaticism.” This uncompromising extremism is not the way to responsibly run a democracy.

It's time to call the acts of these irresponsible government agents what they are: domestic terrorism. The perpetrators are traitors to the American way of life. Their calls for deregulation and privatization of government functions are tactics bent on disabling the Constitutional and legal supports that kept our nation thriving after the last greedy disruption of reasonable constraints during the Great Depression.

It's time to remember that fiscally conservative choices balance spending with income -- to realize that our problem is not what is being appropriately spent on domestic programs but rather on the lack of income from taxes paid by those most rewarded by the government's current policies and contracts. It's time to remember that taxes are our fair contribution to keep the nation running; only when everyone contributes their fair share can we live in a society that supports our values of health, productivity, equity, and the common welfare. Defunding affordable healthcare, defaulting on already-approved government expenses, and demeaning what amounts to a majority of the country's citizens is not a responsible way to run the nation or to maintain the commonwealth of our nation or the common wealth its people.

Programs that serve the needs of our population like the SNAP food stamp program and affordable healthcare are essential to create a productive populace. Paying equitable wages for a day's work is the only way to ensure that the nation's population can afford to purchase the goods and services we produce. Deregulating pensions, compromising Social Security, and undervaluing the amount necessary to earn a living wage will only exacerbate the needs of those living on the edge of destitution, increasing demand for the very programs being dismantled by unscrupulous proposals. Demeaning the populace and diminishing their livelihood is not any way to improve the economy or revive our flagging industries. This nation was not designed to resurrect feudalism.

American democracy has been hacked. That’s a computer word as you know, which refers to somebody taking over the operating system of a computer and making it do things that the owner of the computer doesn’t want it to do.  Its operating system has been taken over by special interests by using big money and lobbyists and taking advantage of a very sick political culture that has grown worse very rapidly in the last couple of decades.
~ Former Vice President Al Gore, in the keynote address at the Center for Effective Government Management.

Most grievous of all is the sad fact that too many of the people negatively affected by the acts of their so-called representatives are oblivious to the effects that will come. They rely on bogus "reports," misdirecting euphemisms, and oft-repeated fictitious "facts" to hang on to the idea that their lives will be improved when their Representatives vote. Our media outlets have substituted persuasive posturing for investigative reporting; personality and entertainment have replaced substantive news; popular opinion now outweighs scientific demonstration of inconvenient fact. It's time to stop allowing misinformation to be disseminated without correction, and to speak out for American values like peace, justice, and equality whenever we witness violence or bullying, bigotry or hatred, prejudice or inequity of any sort.

In our parents' lifetimes, history has witnessed too many cases (in Hitler's Nazi Germany, Mussolini's Italy, Franco's Spain, Salazar's Portugal, Papadopoulos' Greece, Pinochet's Chile, Suharto's Indonesia) where persuasive minorities lulled too many people into acceptance of inappropriate choices. We cannot allow our nation to be sucked into the snare of unscrupulous propagandists or our heritage will be subverted into the same tawdry infamy. Really: It's time to stop domestic terrorists from destroying the American way of life.

In the end, it's not the lies of the domestic terrorists that will defeat our way of life but the silence of those who see the danger but do not act. Reality will only sink through the illusion of invulnerability when enough of us complain that abusive legislative choices are hurting our nation literally as well as in the eyes of the world. It's time for We the People to put our collective foot down and stop this childish abuse of power.

Congressional officials who obstruct the government's ability to serve its citizens, who refuse to fund programs that provide sustenance to its neediest citizens, who undermine the rights of groups of citizens, who remove the protections of the Constitution and subject anyone to torture are violating the principles on which America has thrived. It's time for Americans to stop abetting this retrogressive domestic terrorism and work instead to create a future that expands our infinite potential.

You are the lynchpin that can stop the self-destructive implosion from occurring. Contact your Congressional representatives today in DC or through their local offices. Tell them it is time to think of America first rather than to continue to obey the wishes of the richly funded lobbyists who bend their ears, to think of the needs of our people rather than just their own strangely increasing personal portfolios, to think of the future rather than short-term corporate profit-taking, to remember that it is We the People for whom the nation functions -- and by whom it succeeds, innovates, and progresses into more of all we are capable of becoming.

It's time for us all to remember: We the People are America.
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