Monday, August 12, 2013

Have you seen the Earth breathe?

The "heartbeat of the Earth" is a phrase I often use to help my students attune their breath to a natural rhythm, and this visual captures the essence of that concept with amazing accuracy.

Our "Breathing Earth" is a mesmerizing interactive map that shows one year of seasonal transformations on Earth in two seconds. This view of NASA Visible Earth images was created by John Nelson and originally posted on the UXBlog, where you can see more images.

Imagine how connected we would be if we could all attune to the heartbeat of the Earth and feel the unity of our planet.

I have a vision of all us change agents attuning and guiding others as change mentors to create a planet of peace and prosperity. If you resonate with that vision, please see my longer statement for the Next Great Visionary Business contest and vote for me while you're there!

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