Saturday, August 24, 2013

Can YOU help a Visionary Entrepreneur-wannabe?

Hi there! This is a request for a special FAVOR:  YOU can help a struggling entrepreneur! (That would be ME, Kae Bender, Visionary Entrepreneur-wannabe.)
I recently entered an online business building contest called the Next Great Visionary Business Contest. But I'm sort of at an impasse:

I have a great vision -- how all of us who see the need to change the system can come together to transform the world into one of unity, peace, and prosperity for all. What I don't quite yet have is an already-operating business -- or any names on a mailing list.

Unfortunately for me, that email list is what is called for in this next step of the contest. It requires me to get a LOT of people to look at my vision and vote for me -- by August 31st!  :}

This is where YOU can help: Could you look at my vision, vote for me, and pass on this request to YOUR mailing list?

To vote (@ no later than August 31, 2013:
  1. You register with an Email address and make up a password (I recommend using VOTE -- it's only for the Contest).
  2. Use this link to access my page: -- or key in 62 in the Visionary ID field on the search page.
  3. You can open the .pdf and read my vision (sorry, there is NO way to display it directly).
  4. VOTE for my vision by clicking the VOTE FOR THIS VISIONARY button below the pen and paper image.
  5. You can also write a Facebook comment on how inspiring my vision is and ask your FB friends to vote for me too.
  6. If you like my vision and vote for me, my thank you message will give you an opportunity to directly send me your email so I can send you a FREE Ebook with more details on how we can be change agents for a world of Peace and Prosperity for all.
  7. Send this request on to all the wonderful people in YOUR email list or Facebook page or Twitter followers who will be likewise inspired.

You'll have my undying appreciation!  And maybe all the people we inspire can go on and work together to fix the world.

That's certainly a vision we can all aspire to!!  Thanks! Kae

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