Saturday, August 24, 2013

Can YOU help a Visionary Entrepreneur-wannabe?

Hi there! This is a request for a special FAVOR:  YOU can help a struggling entrepreneur! (That would be ME, Kae Bender, Visionary Entrepreneur-wannabe.)
I recently entered an online business building contest called the Next Great Visionary Business Contest. But I'm sort of at an impasse:

I have a great vision -- how all of us who see the need to change the system can come together to transform the world into one of unity, peace, and prosperity for all. What I don't quite yet have is an already-operating business -- or any names on a mailing list.

Unfortunately for me, that email list is what is called for in this next step of the contest. It requires me to get a LOT of people to look at my vision and vote for me -- by August 31st!  :}

This is where YOU can help: Could you look at my vision, vote for me, and pass on this request to YOUR mailing list?

To vote (@ no later than August 31, 2013:
  1. You register with an Email address and make up a password (I recommend using VOTE -- it's only for the Contest).
  2. Use this link to access my page: -- or key in 62 in the Visionary ID field on the search page.
  3. You can open the .pdf and read my vision (sorry, there is NO way to display it directly).
  4. VOTE for my vision by clicking the VOTE FOR THIS VISIONARY button below the pen and paper image.
  5. You can also write a Facebook comment on how inspiring my vision is and ask your FB friends to vote for me too.
  6. If you like my vision and vote for me, my thank you message will give you an opportunity to directly send me your email so I can send you a FREE Ebook with more details on how we can be change agents for a world of Peace and Prosperity for all.
  7. Send this request on to all the wonderful people in YOUR email list or Facebook page or Twitter followers who will be likewise inspired.

You'll have my undying appreciation!  And maybe all the people we inspire can go on and work together to fix the world.

That's certainly a vision we can all aspire to!!  Thanks! Kae

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Who should know?

Checks and balances can only occur when the public is aware of information about policies and choices our government is supporting. Only when a citizen with direct knowledge of abuses is brave enough to come forward and challenge inappropriate government choices can We the People make choices on what are true American values.

To punish excessively for the very act of disclosure of inappropriate actions belies America's values and diminishes the checks that enable the balance of power.
Don't Silence Whislteblowers
Silence is NOT an appropriate option: Imagine a government with nothing to hide....
To ensure valid checks and balances, the government must support whistleblowing rather than imprison defenders of the true values of the American public.

If an independent government review agency could serve the public directly and support such disclosures, "leaks" to the media would not be required to get the information out to the people for their decision-making at the ballot box. Without such a system, the only alternative is continuing international abuses; this diminishes the stature of the US in the world and makes a mockery of our posturing for democracy and human values.

Bradley Manning should serve not as a caution to others concerned about government excesses but as an indicator that we need to rethink government secrecy and open all our affairs to public scrutiny. Covert ops are the ones that cause unrest and disrespect in the world; World War and Cold War policing policies are outdated. It is not just the right but the duty of citizens to call for corrections to a system running roughshod and violating human rights.

America is not the arbiter of world policy nor acting in a requested role as the World Police; rather, our nation is one member of the global community. To remain a respected and effective part of that international body, the US must cease to militarily interfere unilaterally in the affairs of sovereign nations. To serve as a leader in the dialogue for peace, the US should contribute to the public dialogue and persuade improvements to human rights, not violate the rights of others.

Americans don't support torture and terrorism, and our military should learn to practice what it preaches. Lengthy punishment for Bradley Manning sends the wrong message to both the citizens of our nation and the world. You can join the petition to commute his sentence.
I wonder... what you think.
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Monday, August 12, 2013

Have you seen the Earth breathe?

The "heartbeat of the Earth" is a phrase I often use to help my students attune their breath to a natural rhythm, and this visual captures the essence of that concept with amazing accuracy.

Our "Breathing Earth" is a mesmerizing interactive map that shows one year of seasonal transformations on Earth in two seconds. This view of NASA Visible Earth images was created by John Nelson and originally posted on the UXBlog, where you can see more images.

Imagine how connected we would be if we could all attune to the heartbeat of the Earth and feel the unity of our planet.

I have a vision of all us change agents attuning and guiding others as change mentors to create a planet of peace and prosperity. If you resonate with that vision, please see my longer statement for the Next Great Visionary Business contest and vote for me while you're there!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What are change agents and change mentors up against?

Change is hard because the societal system is set up to maintain the status quo. Those in power not only resist change and make change hard, they set up society to make change unthinkable.

I've researched change extensively and am in fact starting a support group for individuals and leaders looking to work toward change at the evolving edge. Learn more details about my vision and get a longer explanation.
We must BE the Change
Meanwhile, here's an introductory summary:

Since the 60s, feminists and other radicals have encountered resistance to the societal changes they envision. A friend responded to my FB post about recent misogynist behavior saying, "This is a very big problem in my country, because we have a divided school system that doesn't allow very much support for children from uneducated families." She went on to say:
In my belief it is a hard thing to educate the politicians to give us equality. The easiest will be to educate our children along these lines, so they - in a natural way - will understand on from the beginning, that there is no difference in man and woman. We are equal from birth. Who is educating children? Normally the woman, the mother, the teacher! So it is in our hands to change the world.
While she's right on both counts, she's also overly optimistic to think mothers' awareness could spark change spontaneously. Rather, it will require those of us who are consciously working to improve the situation to become more active role models and guides for these potentially-influential women.

The Influence of Mothers

Starting with children can indeed be very influential. But changing their perceptions isn't really as easy as saying women, who see the world's problems, can educate their children better to improve societal imbalance. Yes, mothers have HUGE influence on the next generation, both girls and boys. However they, like all people, are SO enmeshed in the societal indoctrination that EVEN IF they are aware things need to change, they often don't realize that what they are doing reinforces the problem rather than working toward a solution.

Influencing Politicians

It is even harder to educate politicians because they are remote from reality, positioned as the people in power at the top of the pyramid, influenced only by those powerful enough to be at a level that gets their attention. To disturb the status quo threatens their whole hierarchical structure.

A rational debate will never sway politicians from trying to protect their "rights" -- that is the laws and rules of society that they have set forth to maintain the current power structure. The only way to approach inspiring them to change requires an emotional appeal. A new perspective begins only when your appeal reaches to the core values held in the heart and your target people can start to actually feel the pain of those they ignore, neglect, and abuse. (Even then, the change implemented is often only a surface adjustment or even mere placebo effect, reassuring the protesters that they were heard and making cosmetic accommodations while leaving the underlying infrastructure untouched.)

As long as politicians remain above the fray, they can dehumanize those they legislate against and see them as a category rather than a person. This is why stories presented in person by real individuals affected by the laws or rules are powerful change agents.

Influencing Marginalized People

ALL marginalized groups (women, minorities, the poor, the aging, children) are equally embedded in the current system to which all in society have been trained since birth. Parents teach children to obey; institutions (church, schools) prepare children for the expectations of society; the community reinforces the way things are, every word and action demonstrating the rules of the group: the games kids play establish the rules; punishments "fit the crime"; tv shows provide role models; music sets a guiding rhythm; the talk on the streets and in the news keeps informing public opinion; even the language itself subtly sets the stage. The whole socializing schema is set to keep society in line with the current power structure.

Creating an Environment to Support Change

From this basis, change is a challenge. By the time girls are old enough to become mothers, they are part of the system. When the education process is limited or teaches by rote, thinking remains an undeveloped skill. By the time we are adults, new choices require conscious assimilation. This is neurologically MUCH more difficult that learning as a child (the difference is physiological), and change from old habitual living patterns takes both conscious awareness and more effort still. Generally, adults only embrace change when confronted by a big enough crisis to make continuing "as is" too painful to continue, and even then it is usually a struggle -- because on our own, we don't have a model for a different way of being and we have to make it up as we go; this is why support groups are beneficial.

Change Agents and Change Mentors Need Support Too

I've researched this all extensively and am in fact starting a support group for individuals and leaders looking to work toward change at the evolving edge. I'm currently in a contest to help me put my ideas out in the world. You can see my "manifesto" vision for it at -- and if you sign up on the contest website, you can vote for my vision and it will get you a longer explanation that I am sending to interested supporters.
I wonder... what you think.
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