Friday, June 14, 2013

Why can't we burst the Beltway Bubble?

Inside the Beltway, there's a separate world, a protected sphere that keeps legislators unUnited from their elective States. Upon entering the high-lobbied halls, the greed-colored cover obscures reality into self-aggrandizing apportionment. Government of by and for the People becomes distorted as if a bicameral FUNHouse mirror blows inCorporated businesses into giant people while shrinking the tired masses yearning for the fabled Dream into miniscule demographicized bundles of rejectable need. Caught up in the perception warp, it's impossible for the Capitol Hill Players to see that "business as usual" has passed its expiration date and is festering with rot.

Yesterday, the Washington Post reported only 10% of Americans have confidence in Congress, the lowest rating ever for any group. It's no surprise to the rest of the nation. When 90% of voters want gun registration tightened but Congress votes it down, when 90% support birth control and women's right to choice but legislators propose instead endless restrictions, when 90% suffer from federal budget cuts while 2% profit, there is something wrong with the bubble-encased system. Outside the I-495 ring, there's an If-Only sense growing today -- if only we could truly vote no confidence in the current government and recycle Congress -- but the BeltwayBubble keeps the three federal branches protected like a DC snowglobe sparkling under a constant shower of glittering corporatopoly dollars.
DC  SnowGlobe
The BeltwayBubble
Within that insular BBubble-view, all is totally capitalpacetic. Every legislative intiative in those dollar-lined lobbies is another glad-handing opportunity to reward inappropriate behavior and try to run other peoples' lives with rules that don't work out in the greater paradigm-shifted network of real existence. Inside the high-lobbied corridors of power, they're too busy putting their money where it doesn't belong to notice the country outside the demarcating Beltway is overshadowed by climate-clouded polluted skies.

Instead of nurturing a nation -- an earthly globe -- of healthy autonomous capable adults, politicians are still treating citizens -- here and abroad -- like second-graders who are incapable of learning lessons and making informed decisions. They still believe we need an Electoral College to vote for us -- when we can all see that, these days, graduates of academic institutions (particularly those from the Reaganomic "Chicago School" and WHINSEC "School of the Americas" fraternities) are woefully unprepared to lead us safely through the reality of today's interdependent psychobioeconosphere.

In that BBubble where the cash-hierarchy still rules with pyramidal might, the collaborative value of knowledgeable, inspired, passionate entrepreneurs working in the micro-interdependence of the WorldWideWeb is all but ignored. Instead of allowing the effective commerce to expand, the BBubblers try to legislate nooses around its independent web while exploiting loopholes to allow their own bailout inflated profits to escape taxation into offshore safehavens. University of Pittsburgh Professor of International Affairs Michael Brenner says, "nearly 80 percent of the national wealth generated since 1973 has gone to the upper 2 percent, 65 percent to the upper 1 percent."

This paradigm dichotomy is not just dividing but slashing the Dream into shreds. Decimated hopes and plans litter the pitiful countryside while greedy self-serving agendas reap excessive rewards into political and corporate coffers.

Greed is NOT capitalism. It's greed. Consistently employing obviously wrong tactics is not capitalism. It's self-serving stupidity. Promoting oneself at the expense of, and to the detriment of, others is NOT capitalism. Political duplicity is not capitalism, nor is political obstruction and terrorism. Arrogance, dishonesty, and ruthlessness are not capitalism. This behavior best describes assholes in action. Assholes in Action isn't capitalism. ~ Judith Stephens on FaceBook

We've "elected" a congress where political expediency reigns on both sides of the aisle, and the highest bidder rules. The electorate has sold their votes for loyalty to party rhetoric that like a campaign promise is routinely ignored except at soundbite opportunities. The best interest of the common welfare has given way to rewards that boost the best interests of the ruling wealthy.

The pundits take party-line sides; the bloggers bemoan the lack of alternative -- and take party-line sides; the public complains but does nothing -- except cling to THEIR incumbent, the known side of an undefined worse possibility. Despite the disparity of escalating inequity, there seems to be no non-partisan incentive to change.

What America's government today needs is for We the People to really shake up that BeltwayBubble snowglobe so that the weight of those corporatopoly dollars floating around bursts out the BBubble with a paradigm-shift that showers common sense from sea to shining sea.

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