Monday, May 27, 2013

When will the fracking frenzy cease?

Shale gas STILL isn't the solution to America's energy crisis or the world's development. It's just another fossil fuel patch with short term profits for the energy giants and long term consequences for people and the environment.

Liquid Natural Gas technology is neither a new energy solution nor environmentally safe. Halliburton was an early developer of the shale fracturing methodology, and the 2005 Bush/Cheney Energy Bill (Section 322) exempted natural gas drilling from the Safe Drinking Water Act. The pollution is unregulated.
No Fracking Way!
Before petrogiants are allowed more fracking exploitation or LNG exportation, it is imperative to ensure that the petrocompanies be required to shoulder the costs of cleaning up their mess. Instead of allowing exorbitant profit taking at the expense of polluting the land, water, and air, these companies must take environmental responsibility. To ensure the cleanup costs are paid by the fracking corporations, where it belongs, they must be required to escrow their excessive profits in a 100-year clean up fund.

By eliminating the short term profit incentive, these companies will be forced to rethink the long range effects of this dirty and dangerous extraction methodology. Since it's not likely the petrogiants will risk their fracking profits, that should signal the reality of how unsafe fracking is to the environment and prove once and for all that LGN is NOT the energy of the future.

We need to urge new Energy Secretary Dr. Ernest Moniz to consider ALL the consequences of moving forward and act to stop fracking and LGN exports before it is too late to save our environment.  It's past time to prioritize health and environment concerns over profits from fracking and LNG exports!

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