Friday, May 10, 2013

What future progress could YOU maximize today?

Imagine that the universe/multiverse is an entirety of infinite potential and imagine too that each of us, in however small a way, contributes to fullfilling its possibilities. What if by sharing our best thoughts and learning experiences and recombining what is known into new ideas we could really make a better world? – Imagine that you could leverage your little bit of input into progress for a better future!

A new scientific study has shown this is not only possible but how: Last fall, the journal Nature's Scientific Reports published a mathematical model that likens the growth pattern of social networks to the electrical firing between brain cells – and the dynamics of expanding galaxies.
Growth pattern of brain cells -- or galaxies -- or social networks
This computer simulation suggests that the universe and our social networks are growing like a giant brain: From the BigBang to the latest tweet, this study demonstrated that networks all build by sharing connections. According to the scientists, the rate of growth accelerates as a "power-law graph with strong clustering" that develops between various nodes.

Each growth node expands in proportion to its connective links – and a wider network of connections creates greater growth. That is: more similarity in the type of links resulted in limited growth, whereas junctions to many different connections broadened the progression into larger-scale complexity and more dynamic growth.

In human terms, this means sharing your information not just with like-minded peers but with a wider network of connections. Broadcasting shared thoughts, learning experiences, and recombinant ideas makes new connections – not just to more people but in ever-evolving ways.

–– That is, IFF we take the time to think about all the information download we receive we can grow. Just observing, retweeting, and forgetting isn't enough -- we have to pay attention and take time to be creative. Otherwise, we're just spinning our collective mental wheels in a more scatterbrained way!

Just as inbreeding in biology limits evolutionary adaptability, simply retweeting the same kittie pics keeps us stuck in the same old patterns. Superficial dabbling in however massive a network of shared content isn't the way to create actual progress. The world won't change if we let immutable laws lock us in the clockwork Newtonian paradigm. A narrow catechism of already-shared answers blinds the mind to broader outlooks. It's only when we recombine information quanta into something creatively new that we move beyond mere repetition.

From the BigBang's tiniest space-time units (more minuscule than subatomic particles) we've progressed beyond the capacity to expand as a vast clockwork universe. By consciously creating connections, humankind has evolved the capacity to choose what bits of progress add up to our future. But without creatively recombining quanta, there'll be nothing new in the universe.

It's your choice what evolves today. Just more information or bigger galaxy-like brains will keep us recycling through what's already known. To maximize progress into a future worth yearning for, we'll have to leverage our emerging bits of input by consciously collaborating with diverse nodes. If we can co-create some synergy, we'll make the quantumly creative leaps that will maximize progress to evolve a future we can't yet even begin to imagine.
I wonder... what you think.
PS – What are you waiting for? Turn off your computer and THINK about what this means for you – and all of us.

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Anonymous said...

I like this! especially about the final comment "turn off your computer and THINK" I have recently stopped watching the TV and have NOT missed it..sharing our take on events unfolding and the universe is the road to progress...lets get moving on this one...!!