Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What do I say when my sister turns 50?

Like a 7-year-itch, turning 21, and retirement, 50 is a milestone not just marking longevity but also transition. It's a fortuitous celebration set like a gem among life's stresses, one that brings us to a moment when we have the chance to pause and focus with more clarity on choicepoints bursting with untapped potential.
Leap Higher
Amidst life's routine of tedium and traumas, we need these ritual pauses to remember that every passing moment, really, is also a beginning, worth our time and attention. When we forget to stop and note the starting moments, life is just a passing blur of resilience, fortitude, and grim jaw-setting determination. We keep stepping one foot blindly ahead, moving relentlessly toward that lifestyle package we signed on for back a milestone or several ago.

Unless we pause and re-evaluate, we may not notice the diminishing splendor of that bright and beckoning promise. Without our notice, what once seemed an apex has certainly shifted and shrunk like a tectonic plate subducting its heavy load under a rising uplift edge. Failure to attend the changing currents can suck us under as well.

But from the vantage of a momentary stopping point, we have an oversight opportunity, a chance to cautiously reconsider the inevitability of accepting the world as it presents. Heeding that nagging urge to resist the inertial undertow enables us to change course.

It's only when we refocus and rethink possibilities and choose to abandon old prescribed proscribed plans that we can discover what makes life worth our while. No thoughtless tweak, though, is enough to change 50's treadmill into fantastic freedom. Instead, just as Dick Fosbury turned high jump victory frontside up, what's needed is radical transformation.

No, of course it isn't YOU that needs to change (love you just as you are!); it's the view of society's expectations that needs the radical rethink. By those rules, 50 isn't the start of anything good, just a downhill subduction into old age. But the most admirable trailblazers mark 50 as an upward turning point, the perfect time to look the status in its reality and kick its quo into a higher orbit.

With deeper learning and stimulating growth, you can raise your sights to that higher standard of meaning, purpose, and evolutionary passion. Coming into that wisdom will buoy you with hope, inspire you to leap stationary boundaries into quantum waves of exciting potential, and motivate you to venture beyond accepting what is. In the realization that you can choose what you create, you are empowered to begin synergizing fullfillment of all your heart is truly yearning for.

Truly, celebrating 50 can be the start of the Best of your life. Leap higher.

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