Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What can adults learn from this nine-year-old?

Nine-year-old Luke Sekera of Fryeburg ME is standing up to a bully trying to abuse his town.
Fryeburg, in rural Maine, has a natural spring that the town draws its water from. Nestlé, the world's biggest food and beverage corporation, is trying to intimidate Fryeburg's residents out of their water. When the town refused to enter a 45-year contract with Nestlé to give up its water source to allow the megacorporation to bottle it under the Poland Springs brand, Nestlé sued the town.

Mind you, with its water under the contract, the community would have to draw its water from an area where an old industrial site once stood. It's not right that, as Luke says "If we want to drink our town's natural spring water, we have to buy it in the store."

It's Fryeburg's aquifer and the people of Fryeburg have THE right to choose who can tap into its water source. Corporations need to realize that they don't control the earth.

As Luke points out: Giving up the water rights for 45 years would mean his children and grandchildren would not have a voice in this matter. "I want them to be proud of me," he says. "I must speak for them."

He speaks for many other people, too, showing them that when people stand for their rights, bullies lose their power to do wrong.

In this nation founded by patriots who stood up against royal bullying, adults today would benefit to remember: abusers, however big or politically connected, have no power to defeat people who stand for what they value.

You can stand up to the corporate megabully too: support Luke's petition on

Go Luke!   -- 8/1/14:  See the Update.

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