Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How far are you going today?

Have you ever noticed that no one is where they want to be? We're always on the road, heading away from where we were to somewhere else we want to go.
Go Somewhere -- It's always your choice where you go
From the moment we get up in the morning, we are constantly moving on to the next item on our day's agenda. There's never a moment during the day when we sigh and are done. We're always going from one thing to another, from one activity to another, from one place to another. It's a neverending cycle of movement.

Even when we think we're at rest, our bodies are in a constant state of flux, never done -- breathing in and breathing out, digesting and eliminating, growing synapses and shedding cells.

We're so practiced at being in motion as we commute to jobs and travel to vacations and move closer to our dreams that we don't ever question where our lifelong trajectory is heading. If we think at all about that ultimate shared life destination, it is to map out the disposition of our accumulated things: a will to distribute our assets, a plan to dispose of our remains.

But what about the bigger picture? What about the true legacy we leave behind? Along with the dead body and bequeathable inheritances, we leave a world that we were responsible for shaping.

How are we doing today to prepare our world for its future? What are we doing in life to prepare for that ongoing impact after our physical presence has ceased its interactions in the world. Are we shaping a destiny that generations to come will admire? Are you working for long term improvement to progress along the slippery slope of life or just a quick and dirty self-serving boost to beat some others to the next obstacle?

Take a look at your motivation for living. Are you moving on a limited access path toward a narrow pinnacle no one else can share or are you helping to open and shape a more thoughtful, worthwhile way to keep improving the journey for everyone? The one plan will get you to an end, the other will continuously progress further than you can imagine.

Which choice will make you move farther in life?

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Anonymous said...

I know I have my selfish moments yet in the "feeling good" department these moments are very short lived. It is when I give freely and share my belongings or life skills that the feeling good carries me to another special peace place that continues to give me pleasure and build towards the next humanitarian action