Thursday, April 18, 2013

How's that political process working for US?

If 92% of the public supports legislation and only 54% of the Senators vote for it, what does that say about who is being counted in the "representative democracy" in this country? How's that working for US? Where is the support for our Common Welfare?
Gabby Giffords speaks out: Time to change Politics and vote out Politicians who don't represent US.

I got an email from an international organization the other day that said "Top legal scholars say the US is nearing state-failure, with hyper-corruption allowing big corporations to write laws and make policies that affect the entire world." Is that how we think the world views US? Is that how we choose to allow the world to view US?

Gabby Giffords is right: It's time for a change -- politics as usual just doesn't represent US anymore

I stand with Gabby and am proud to support her efforts at Americans for Responsible Solutions to "fight back against an ideological fringe that has consistently used big money and influence to obstruct progress."

It's time for us all to face the politics of influence and corruption and choose to make a change for the better. I hope you'll join US.

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