Friday, April 5, 2013

How can we stop being totally stressed out?

You're not the only one stressed these days. Stress is destroying our world.

stress cartoon
A couple years ago, I wondered a lot about stress:
  • What is stress?
  • How do we get rid of stress?
  • Why does stress seem neverending?
  • What is the stress response?
  • What stops the stress cycle?
  • What does it take to resolve stress?
  • How do we resolve stress?
Sadly, stress hasn't diminished. In fact, it's become an escalating global stress crisis. If we want to end the stress that's killing us and our world, we have to face some stressful facts: We're responsible. We're responsible for our own individual state of stress, and we're also responsible for totally stressing out the world.

It's really no wonder why the world is totally stressed out: We're polluting Earth's air and water, hating people who aren't like us, worrying about everything, and living with endless conflict.

The only way to heal a stressed world is to DEstress ourselves.

If you've ever wondered how to relieve your stress, you might want to start at SocioEnergetics this month because the world's stress can't improve until we each DEstress ourselves.
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