Friday, March 15, 2013

What should we do about "tight" fossil fuels?

Extracting tight fossil fuels like tar sands and shale oil is the least effective dying gasp of an outdated energy policy. The pollution produced by these extraction methods compounds the pollution from refining and use of the products. The impact on our planet's environment is devastating.

You've probably heard by now that NASA's leading climate scientist, Dr. James Hansen, said that tar sands development would mean "game over for the climate." Even before any shale oil is extracted, fracking destroys the countryside and pollutes the groundwater. To allow the fossil fuel industry to continue its outdated, outmoded, and environmentally unconscionable practices is like signing a death order for Mother Earth.
Planet Earth covered in polluting Oil
Before it's too late, we must take proactive climate action. Big Oil isn't going to stop collecting excessive profits from dirty, dangerous, disaster-creating business practices unless We the People insist. Their lobbies cannot outspend our voices.

We must speak out loudly now: Clean energy sources are crucial to the future of America. The proposed Keystone XL tar sands project is totally counterproductive. We must insist that our representatives in Washington work to cancel the Keystone XL project. Fracking is a disaster that doesn't even wait to ruin land and water. We must insist that our state representatives cancel all fracking projects. It's up to US to halt all like-minded backward-looking approaches so that the US can invest in a safe energy future.

It's past time to bring America's energy policy into the 21st century. The debate about climate science is over, and the scientists have proven we must change our oil dependency to move forward to a climate-safe future. We the People must act now to insist our representatives listen, before it's too late. Our future – and the Earth's – is in their votes
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