Monday, March 11, 2013

What if God were ALL of us?

Several years ago, the theme song for a popular show asked, "What if God was one of us?" It's a device that's been done in movies and shows before. George Burns was charming in Oh God, yet he transformed into surprising alternatives to pass on messages and ideas to the main character. Each story's God-persona stimulates its hero/ine to consider a new perspective, rethink a choice, or act in a different way.

Intriguing but I always thought a bit limiting. First of all you'd have to be attentive to notice it was some authoritative God-being contacting you and second, there are a lot of non-God-followers for whom the visit wouldn't be any special deal. And most important, why should it take some omnipotent, supernatural being to cause a person to rethink a mistaken perspective or wrong choice or inappropriate action? Wouldn't it be more effective if every person had the potential for realizing the errors of their thoughts, choices, and ways; wouldn't we all benefit from reforming our decisions and creating a better world?
NASA Earth from space image
If instead of evaluating every encounter for the possibility that the individual might be this authoritative God-being, wouldn't it be more effective if everyone just considered every encounter as if it had life- and world-changing potential. Imagine if God-believers considered "What if God were ALL of us?" and non-believers made a conscious effort to open their minds to alternate quantum wavestates or to trek in the proverbial loaned moccasins or to imagine trying a different life on for size. What alternative reality might YOU recognize?

From an omniscient point of view, there is no one single perspective, no one and only choice, no categorically correct action. Every point leads equally to every other, so every starting point can end up at any finishing point, and there are infinite paths to any destination. The chance of birth and background can perhaps only lead to here, but from now into the future is as open as unexplored space.

If we keep going as we have been, there are far fewer options, but if we stop at this point and take the full 360ยบ evaluation, we might notice some new possibility our myopic one-track focus had ignored. We might even consider looking not just around but above and below and inside. We might realize that what we notice in our normal everyday outlook is hardly the entirety of all potential views. And if we invited in the realities, possibilities, insights, and potentials of the entire global community, what other opportunities to create what other successes might we begin to envision?

Imagine infinite potential as your birthright, because it is.
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