Monday, March 18, 2013

What budget supports America's future?

OMG! Finally a budget that makes SENSE.

Called the Back to Work Budget, its main focus is creating jobs (7 million in 2014) through investments in infrastructure (to repair crumbling roads and bridges, saving lives as well as long-run costs) and investments in education (rehiring laid off teachers and helping prepare children for the 21st century economy) as well as ending tax incentives for corporations that move jobs overseas (duh!).
Unbalanced Budget math - expenses more than revenue
The Back to Work Budget also works to reduce the deficit by eliminating tax subsidies for oil, gas, and coal, reducing deductions for corporate jets, enacting a financial transaction tax, and returning Pentagon spending to 2006 levels. The sensible priorities in this budget are a clear choice for America’s future — invest in jobs for working Americans and support middle class sustainability as well as true American values.

The Back to Work Budget will be offered as a substitute amendment to the Ryan budget tomorrow (Tuesday 3/19). (The Ryan alternative would continue tax breaks for ultra-rich individuals and for corporations while of course increasing taxes on the poor and the middle class, destroying Medicare, cutting Food Stamps and student loan assistance, and throwing millions off health insurance.) If you care about YOUR future and the direction the United States is heading, urge YOUR representative to support budget sanity NOW.

A vote for the Back to Work Budget is a vote for getting back to the America we remember and love.

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