Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Why is over-do unwise?

If the flu has hit you or you've succumbed to one of the other seasonal malaises, there's a reason. Pushing the limits of your time, effort, and energy is exactly what leaves you laid up for long periods. When you don't honor your body's capabilities and you forget to provide the nutrients and mental and emotional stimulation you crave, the immune system lets you know that you need to take time off to re-evaluate your ways of living.
Succumbing to the flu
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You have to remember one thing about housework: You don't have to do it all everyday; it'll still be there to do the next time you come around to the task. Pushing yourself to "catch up" is foolish because it's neverending.

And while promises are important to keep, if you are promising ridiculous deadlines to people who will not understand a delay for sickness or emergencies, then perhaps you need to re-evaluate what and who you are promising your time, efforts, and attention. The most important promise is to take care of yourself so you're always healthy and capable and enjoying each day.

To take life at a manageable pace and periodically rest and recreate along the way keeps you at your physical, mental, and emotional best. You'll be able to be continuously active and enjoy the fruits of your efforts more fully.

To prepare yourself to live this more effective way, plan a more measured approach that prioritizes your efforts. You need to undertake your daily chores in a way that accomplishes the most important in the most effective ways -- and leave the least important if not unattended at least minimally so.

E-value-ating your priorities will leave you more time and energy to treasure your relationships and to invest in what you truly love to do that helps you learn and grow into more of who you yearn to be.

Nurturing connections with others and with yourself will forge stronger bonds of health and happiness than all the household chores and limit-pushing activities ever could.
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