Friday, February 22, 2013

Why do we fear our Common Welfare?

I'm not much of a detailed student of history. The gist of one era of hatred and war followed by another seems too wasteful and wrong. I can't understand why leaders rely on fear and hatred of others to hold power over their world. It seems to me there would be far less unrest and far more progress if we all just shared alike and got along.

Instead of cooperating and helping each other along, the dominating group has kept the resources and spread the wealth only as far as to pave their way to more conquest. The few at the top have made sure everyone else was kept without -- without power, without resources, without education, without food or safety, without possibility of better. They structured life around fear -- fear of those in power, fear of people who look different, fear of groups who practiced different rites and rituals, fear always that the ones with even less were threats.

Fears paralyze
Fear is always outward-pointing. Fear eschews stability. Fear is agitating and restless. Fear always focuses on some other, never looks inward, never seeks common ground.

At yet, at heart, we are all the same. We have identical hopes and dreams. We yearn for the same peace; we idealize living in plenty. We struggle to learn more and become more of our potential.

The division of fear though prevents us from ever achieving all we could. As long as there is the divisive struggle to keep some with less -- less land, fewer resources, less food, less possibility of growth -- it is impossible for all to rise to the fullest potential.

Fear-based power pervades our world today and makes us all less than we could be. We -- the world -- will only evolve into something better when we -- all people -- join together to bring forth our best ideas of possibility and all collaborate for the common welfare.
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Anonymous said...

Yes it would certainly be nice in a World without fear and it's associated trama/stress to our systems..yet it is a very basic element in the balance of oftens awakens us at night from a strange noise and the thought of keeps us from causing harm to ourselves in many situations..and often it does limit our interaction among our peers for fear of being fear itself is a part of our being...It is NOT however for others to use against us in any form or I like and agree with your thoughts about the misuse of fear/power over the common citizen...why do we keep electing these people...?