Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Why can't coffeemakers pour?

It seems that in all the years of making coffeepots, someone would have by now come up with a pot that can actually pour without dribbling all over the counter. I make a pot of tea in mine every morning, and when I pour, especially from a full pot, I have to hold the cup over the sink. After a few days, the porcelain is tea-stained and needs a scrub. Is it too much to think that ONE of the manufacturers (and I've used MANY brands) would come up with a better spout?
Pouring coffee MESS
It's the same throughout industry. They make products that are expedient for their manufacturing process rather than the real needs of their consumers. The service industry is sadly identical. The packages utility providers market meet their own preferences rather than client needs. What ever happened to the American ethics of ever-improving ingenuity and customer service?

Somewhere along the way, corporate executives and their minions have taken a short-sighted detour. Instead of being responsive to their driving market, they cater to clamoring greed for higher profits. To neglect quality in the quest for lower costs is long-term self-defeating. To ignore customer complaints with the assumption that there are no better alternatives creates marketplace discontent. To lobby against public demands to support research and development of alternative energy or  environmental protections indicates a vast misunderstanding of sustainability.

It all derives from the same failing business model. Bigger isn't universally better. Profit margins can't grow wider forever. Richer executives aren't worth more than their underpaid laborers. The current model is maximizing long-range stupidity.

When the world isn't working, it is time for individuals to stand up for change. Insisting a coffeepot should pours even when full isn't asking too much. Neither is expecting service for customers or executives to care about the future.

As more people stop accepting the norm and insist on a better way, the tipping point to change becomes inevitable. Let's pour our efforts into seeking that new equilibrium of improved standards for us all.
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Anonymous said...

I think youu are on to something important here. What happened to the old addage "build a better mouse trap" American way. And what way better to start your day that to pour the perrrfect cup of tea. The "bottom liners" should raise their bar and strive to make products and service their goal not profits......bb