Thursday, February 7, 2013

What's the "right" education for P.Q and C.Q. to originate?

According to Thomas L. Friedman, success in our hyperconnected digital era will be claimed by "those with more P.Q. (passion quotient) and C.Q. (curiosity quotient)" rather than those with high I.Q.s (as if I.Q. were ever a predictor of success).

Adapting to the new economy, he says, will require "more of the 'right' education" to "develop skills that are complementary to technology rather than ones that can be easily replaced by it" and it will be necessary to "be innovating new products and services to employ the people who are being liberated from routine work by automation and software."

Um, great pep talking, except under the current paradigm of public education that's not going to happen. The president can never claim “Yes You Can” or urge “Yes You Must” as long as public education in this country is both underfunded and underappreciated.
School is No Fun
But even more importantly, the America public education system is totally unprepared to to teach its students those two most crucial skills for Friedman's vision of success. Neither passion nor curiosity is fostered in an education system that merely tests for recognition of standard answers.
Girl looking out window, yearning to escape automaton testing
If Friedman hopes for America's workforce to be able to invent or reinvent their own evolving jobs as well as be prepared to "relearn for a lifetime," he'd better get behind some public education reform today. No regimented curriculum can forcefeed individual initiative, and no standardized exam can possibly test whether a classroomful of minds has opened to their fullest potential.
Standardized testing: go climb a tree
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The "right" education for the future Friedman envisions is a system that teaches children to think creatively for themselves. America's educators will need to return to the drawing board and reinvent public education before P.Q. and C.Q. can become the American way of life.
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