Friday, February 8, 2013

How far has education progressed?

Education is the keystone in the area of freedom and progress. [...] A free nation can rise no higher than the standard of excellence set in its schools and colleges.

Ignorance and illiteracy, unskilled workers and school dropouts – these and other failures of our educational system breed failures in our social and economic system: delinquency, unemployment, chronic dependence, a waste of human resources, a loss of productive power and purchasing power, and an increase in tax-supported benefits. [...] Failure to improve education performance is thus not only poor social policy, it is poor economics.
JFK Speaking to America
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 [...] This nation is committed to greater investment in economic growth; and [... investment in education] yields a substantial return in the higher wages and purchasing power of trained workers, in the new products and techniques which come from skilled minds, and in the constant expansion of this nation’s storehouse of useful knowledge.
~ John F. Kennedy - Message to Congress January 29, 1963    

It's been 50 years. By my reckoning, we still aren't close to meeting the country's pressing need for better education. Certainly Congress hasn't heeded this mid-century warning.

Kennedy's clarion call remains unheard: "For the nation, increasing the quality and availability of education is vital to both our national security and our domestic well-being."

Now, more than ever, if our representatives understood the value of quality education, they would advocate its support and fund it far more than any "defense" budget items. Our students are our nation's future; they need a better foundation for success.
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