Saturday, February 2, 2013

How can you live the life you yearn for?

The crux of living the life you yearn for isn't found by rationally prioritizing separate goals. Pretending dedication won't fulfill your dreams. Life isn't an either/or proposition; you don't have to sacrifice love for success (or vice versa) or give in to any other seemingly incompatible conflict.

If you're torn between two directions or trying to go it alone and pushing beyond your available energy or faking it, you're missing the greatest resources the universe offers. The most essential truth, as every nonverbal infant knows instinctively and instantly, is the need for connection with those who nurture you. Interaction with those who share your most valued ideals generates synergy to more fully fill your life with all you yearn for.
Connecting with a Hand Up leads to more Fulfillment
By e-value-ating your core ideals and setting your intention to become more and more integrated with your most valued ideals, you naturally connect into CommonUnity with your energetic community. As the resulting resonance of your choices expands your energy, time (as Einstein explained) becomes fluid, the Infinite Potential takes a quantum leap of transcendence, and fulfillment of all you yearn for becomes possible.

In the community of your CommonUnity, you don't have to spend an eternal GroundHog Day churning though mistaken shortcuts to happiness. When you are loved for who you are and supported in ways that help you grow, you can do it all without a single sacrifice.

True FullFillment is both internally and externally integrative. When you are on the right path, you don't have to choose between doing good and being the person you yearn to be.

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