Thursday, February 14, 2013

How can you have a happy heart?

Life shows up for us as it does because of what we DO, not because of how we intrinsically are at core.
Happiness lies at the heart's core.

We learned as children to respond to the environment we were in, and unless we've been surprisingly reflective and figured out we want to change those old patterns, they continue to inform our present actions. We live in the world we created (back when we were children who didn't know any better!) and we don't even notice that life could be another way today and that then the world (right here, right now) might appear different and produce different outcomes for us.

If life isn't going the way you think it should, stop a moment and look, really look, at how you are contributing to make life the way it is. We make assumptions; we draw unsupported conclusions; we shut up without asking the questions we need answered; we retreat and lick our psyche's wounds instead of clarifying what is going on and asking for what we really need. To have a different result, we need to DO something different. We need to uncover reality; we need to ask; we need to clarify; we need to approach; we need to be vulnerable in who we are and let others know what we are feeling and dealing with and needing. We need to be standing by our values and reflecting our value.

You can't be fullfilled to your deepest core if you're living someone else's dream or expectation.

When we recognize that we are worth the time and effort it takes to change our participation in the world, we begin to notice that life is more of what we yearn for it to be. And the more we practice being the person we hold closest to our deepest core, the more we love the life we are living every day.

Your heart can be happy with life only when you are fully filled with the value of your being.
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Anonymous said...

I like this can be a chore to identify and confront our old habits that keep us from growing. The process of re-learning is often painful and disruptive. I can say from personal experience that it is a very worth while process working on daily creating change and reaching forward towards our personal "brass ring"