Sunday, February 3, 2013

How can we reclaim government for the People?

Our democracy is broken. I've said it before, and today I signed a petition at the official White House website that says so too.

I'm signer 32572 on the petition asking President Obama to "Use the State of the Union to call for a constitutional amendment to get big money out of politics."

I can't say it any better, so here's the full text of the petition:
Our democracy is broken, flooded by money from corporations, billionaires and SuperPACs that puts their interests over those of the public. From big banks sinking our economy while blocking real reform to the NRA preventing sensible gun safety measures, big money forces are corrupting our politics. Since the US Supreme Court has ruled that corporations and wealthy donors have the right to spend unlimited money in our elections, a growing popular movement is now calling for a constitutional amendment to reclaim our democracy. Eleven states and nearly 500 cities and towns have joined this call. We petition President Obama to use the State of the Union to call for a constitutional amendment to reduce the influence of money in our political system and restore democracy to the people.
If you agree it is time to reclaim government for the People, you too can add your signature.

The deadline to sign is February 7th, so sign now and share with your friends and family today!

Be sure to note the caution on the website: "Creating a duplicate or similar petition will make it harder for you to get an official response. Instead, sign and help promote the one that has already been created." So share this link at We the People: Your Voice in Our Government with your friends and family:

The White House website is worth checking out in more detail as well.
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