Thursday, February 28, 2013

How can Congress cut spending?

It's hypocritical of either political party to point fingers at the other as if one or the other is solely responsible for marching the country toward some hypothetical fiscal cliff. 

Remember, it was more than a decade ago that a certain president hosted a war but cut tax revenues.  The resulting deficit from that fiscally irresponsible approach should never have come as a surprise. Its burdensome long-tail cost chains our collective pocketbooks and strains the federal budget.

But that fiscally UNconservative and financially irresponsible choice is only part of what keeps US in debt today. Ongoing government waste is the currency of political budgetry, and neither party is blameless.
One Congressman's Pork is another's Bacon; Trim ALL fat.
Anyone who has studied Econ101 knows: You can't reduce your debt if you don't pay it off. To do that, you have to earn more income (in this case, that would be Taxes) and reduce expenses (in this case that would be federally funded programs). As the constituent credit advisors to the legislative debtors, it is up to us to make sure our elected representatives take the correct actions to remedy the imbalance.

As with any big business, government is filled with duplication, ineffective programs, and just general wasteful spending. But the most costly overspending in government aren't programs to help masses of lean and hungry real people, rather they are the special budget items that benefit already-fat profit-making businesses. It's called Pork Barrel Legislation because those businesses are feeding at the public trough like greedy pigs.
Elephant-pigs and Donkey-pigs feed at the same public trough.
Just like average citizens have to diet when they overstuff with food, Pentagon Porkers, Fossil Fuel Porkers, and general all-around Porkers need to go on a diet.

It's time we citizens insist our legislators join together as Waste Watchers instead of continuing their bad habits as secret Pork Pushers.
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