Friday, January 11, 2013

Where do we need to go for tomorrow's success?

According to Ele Jansen in a post, "[L]ife really begins at the edge of our comfort zone."

I agree. Without change there is no progress. When we live each moment in the patterns of the past, we are merely perpetuating what has already been. In order for life to fulfill more of what it is capable of becoming, we must leave the familiar and venture into unknown territory.

As lifelong adventuresome learner Helen Keller said, "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." Unless we are willing to embark on our individual daring adventures, we won't have the insights, creativity, and wherewithal to contribute new ideas to improve life as we know it. We'll be left in the dark, ignorant of new possibilities, with nothing to show for our years of existence.

Unless we are willing to enter the unknown, the frontier of possibility will stagnate. Unless we work together to create innovative solutions, we'll remain overwhelmed by the problems our collective ignorance created. Unless we are willing to challenge what has "always" been done, potential will never exceed yesterday.
Road sign: Bleak Future (pointing back); Bright Future (pointing forward)
Inertia keeps us bound to a past trajectory. To shift into tomorrow's potential, we need to initiate the impetus of innovation that can move us out of yesterday's comfortable habits. Though transition zones may seem scary, the view is always far more satisfying from the other side of success.

The only way to arrive at tomorrow's success is to push forward. Progress always advances out of the familiar into potential's new frontier.
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