Sunday, January 20, 2013

What's the big deal about exporting fracked gas to China?

The Department of Energy is currently (comment deadline 1/24/13) considering applications for 16 pending permits to build massive export terminals to ship "natural gas" overseas. This would open the door for fossil fuel companies to export fracked gas to China

Fracking here and sending the product to China is like telling the neighborhood gang to take their fight down the block so you won't have to wash blood off your sidewalk tonight.

Fracking is a disaster that doesn't even wait to happen. It pollutes the countryside before the first "well" is even completed and the land never recovers from the poisons. Not only is the countryside damaged by the heavy equipment and noise but the land, air, and water are ruined for generations to come.* The long tail of consequences far outweigh any upfront bonuses paid to landowners, and unpaid owners of neighboring properties are equally damaged without any compensation.

Fracking is bad for the locality, bad for the environment, and bad for the country since it takes funding and focus away from long-term sustainable energy initiatives.
Tell DOE: NO Fracking Exports!
Click the Image to tell DOE: NO Fracking Exports!
Beyond just the immediate issues of fracking to extract the methane-rich gas, to export the fracked fossil fuel to China multiplies the damage. Not only is processing the gas for export more pollution-intensive than consuming it locally (which is bad enough), but it ties up production facilities, escalates domestic fuel prices, and increases the incentive for fossil fuel producers to market other pollution-heavy products to power companies within the country.

Further, regulation of fossil fuel emissions is nil in China, so the use of fracked gas in China would pollute even more than fossil fuel consumption in a country with proper emission controls.  Air pollution is a global concern; its atmospheric effects affect us all.

You can see: it IS a big deal to export fracked gas to China:
a triple whammy of negative consequences for the whole world.
* See more Fracking details posted on 4/27/114/28/11 - 4/29/11 - 5/2/11 - 5/3/11 and 6/16/11.

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