Thursday, January 24, 2013

What happens at the end of your rope?

Did you ever notice when you get to the end of your rope there's a certain sense of relief?

It's as if you knew the promises were too hopeful and the expectations were too grand and the reality would never measure up. It's like you're holding your breath and waiting for that dangling shoe to hit you in the head, but it's so far up there it never even makes contact.

Credit: PhotoBucket
You get to the bottom and then you realize: it doesn't really matter. The shoe may fall or it may just hang on there forever, a dangling threat that like the promises that preceded it just never quite comes to fruition. Life goes on. We survive. The end of the rope isn't anywhere near the end of the world.

All the possibilities of yesterday remain. All the dreams and yearning stays the same. You just know in that last moment of possibility that it's up to YOU instead of that other someone/something/ever-hopeful-out-there possibility. Potential is the same, but it's got a new perspective.

And somehow that makes the future more assured. You realize, finally, that at the end of the day, like at the end of that frayed old ever-hopeful rope, you're the one who will come to your rescue. You're the one with your own best interest deepest at heart.

At the end of the rope, we don't just hang in there, we move forward to a more promising way to succeed in our own fullfillment.
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Anonymous said...

I really like this piece and found an answer to the seemingly open ended question without resolution. Just push through the problem searching for the crumbs of it origin..then move on! keep um coming Kae....