Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What does it take to change global consciousness?

Real people agree: there's something wrong with the way the world is operating these days.

Ask people on the street and you'll hear real concerns about the economy and the climate and the future. In blogs and around the conceptual watercooler, thoughtful people wonder about what the world is coming to and how a single individual or small group can possibly change the inertia carrying us along for the ride.

It seems overwhelming, but as anthropologist Margaret Meade said, it's only the power of small groups that ever initiates change. Professional pundits and naysayers have an agenda: they want to perpetuate the world that is rewarding them. They don't care how the other 99% manage. And as long as individuals merely complain, the status remains quo.

Thinking is never enough. Talking is never enough. Even planning is never enough. You have to DO something different before change occurs.

In the documentary film I Am, Tom Shadyac says that animals decide to switch watering holes when 51% of them have shifted their consciousness and decided they want to drink from the new watering hole. That's what needs to happen in order to heal health care - we need 51% of the population to decide they've had enough of things as they are, to make the choice to switch to a new consciousness about health care, one that reclaims health care's heart and approaches it from a much more holistic viewpoint.
~ Lissa Rankin MD in her blog

The same thing is true in all misdirected aspects of life today. We need to do better. 51% of us need to consciously change our acceptance of things as they are and choose to leave old patterns of dysfunction and begin to make choices aligned with the life we yearn to live.

Once grassroots acceptance gathers critical mass, change accelerates through the tipping 51% until the new consciousness  becomes the new norm. When everyone begins to accept the new way of living, we look back and wonder how it could ever have been otherwise.

It may seem like a minority today thinks the world is confused and careening like an uncontrolled handbasket toward a dangerous precipice, but if everyone who thinks that way exercises their power, we can choose a different outcome.
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