Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What do we need to Innovate now?

Our society is broken.

Our politicians would rather filibuster and cater to big-money donors than represent their constituency. Our economy is sluggish (at best) while our business leaders are busy reaping bonuses for themselves and profits for big investors rather than producing growth and prosperity that is sustainable for all. Our citizens live in fear and seek safety in conformity rather than express their hearts' desires and work to become more of all they are capable of becoming. America needs a major overhaul if we ever hope to regain our international stature as a groundbreaking model of progress.

Change might start with an idea, but real innovation is plain-old hard work. To innovate means to implement ideas in smart ways that are meaningful to many, so they adopt them and change behavioral patterns. An innovation is based on an elaborate process and such endeavors don’t bubble up; they thrive with persistence and diligence and patience—and with a shot of playfulness.
~ Ele Jansen in Is the Crowd a Feasible Design Partner?

How can we frustrated individuals step up to today's challenges and create a world that is all we hope it could be? Only by learning new ways and attempting new things and exploring new ideas can we hope to leave the stagnant past and enter into new potential.
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