Monday, January 14, 2013

How can we prevent the next Deepwater Horizon disaster?

Did you hear that on New Year’s Eve, Shell tried to move it’s huge Kulluk oil drilling rig out of Alaskan waters -- to dodge paying $6 million in Alaska state taxes they would have owed had they remained in an Alaskan port on January 1! The rig broke loose during a major storm and ran aground on rocks near the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge.

Happily, the 150, 000 gallons of fuel on board did not create an environmental disaster. Nonetheless, this irresponsible and ill-conceived action has prompted the Obama Administration to undertake a 60-day review of Shell's Arctic operations.

It's already two weeks since the near-disaster, time to take this opportunity to speak out before a future oil spill becomes our next environmental disaster. We must urge Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Director Tommy Beaudreau of the Department's Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to conduct a clear-eyed re-evaluation. Shell's long series of accidents, near-misses, and reversals during the past year should prove that they cannot conduct oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean in a safe and responsible manner.
Enangered Polar Bears: Stop Arctic Drilling
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Our planet is endangered by continuing use of fossil fuels. The climate is changing. Wildlife is threatened. Our future is at stake.

All will be at even greater risk if Shell continues its irresponsible Arctic drilling. We must expect our government to protect our lands, the oceans, wildlife, and the planet's future. It is past time to suspend oil and gas activities in America's Arctic. We must act now.

Our grandchildren will thank us.
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