Friday, January 4, 2013

How can we face the wrinkles of aging?

Reflecting on life in Losses and Gains, Brazilian author Lya Luft makes points not so much about aging as about maturing into the knowledge of our own true value(s). She notes that time inevitably changes the body but life allows us the opportunity to love every phase if we just accept the changes gracefully and honor the fullness of our maturity. By remaining healthy and harmonious in the sum of one's individuality, we can remember that wrinkles are a process of LIFE, the continuation of all you have been and still are.

My mom had plastic surgery at 58, shortly after my dad died, and I never thought it served any purpose. She said she did it so that she wouldn't become a frowning old lady, but then she went through a period when all she did was complain, and it did nothing to improve her looks. At 86, she has wrinkles and indeed her mouth corners tend to droop when at ease, but she has nice things to say to those around her now, and it makes her much more pleasant to see.

What we need as we age is not facial exercises so much as mental ones. The wrinkles will come, but the attitude that sets them in motion is what makes the difference.
Smiling woman with plenty of wrinkles
If we set our intention to live in the fullness of our own true value and to honor our own true values in all we do, our features are bound to reflect the calm, peaceful, centered being within, and everyone with eyes to see will view the best of us shining through the wrinkles.

Personally, I hope to live to 90 and beyond and enjoy every wrinkle I've earned.
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