Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How can we avoid those looming Cliffs?

DC's "fiscal cliff" was a lot of pundit-induced divisive hype that took the focus off realistic resolution of the country's financial challenges to focus instead on forcing an immediate stopgap measure that satisfied nothing and remains unsustainable.

Rocky Cliff
Credit: Wikipedia
We can all talk ourselves into personal emotional cliffs with equal fervor and equivalent results.

The trick for reaching a satisfactory, sustainable solution is to step back from the brink and sit down for some serious soul searching. We often have to face the fact that we can't always get everything we want. In those cases, we better figure out what we value most.

Just as fewer taxes are incompatible with more guns and added warfronts, so too spreading our emotional resources thin will wreak havoc on our mental and physical stamina. The only way to resolve shortages without cutting back is to increase what is coming in. If you don't change your incompatible choices, you'll end up exactly where you're headed -- right over the precipice to disaster.

You can't balance your budget or your life without first getting your priorities straight.

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Anonymous said...

Gee, this all sounds so familiar..these looming cliffs seem to pop up from time to time in my life..the soul searching and coming to terms can be challenging while reviewing ones core values and TRUE reality..The resolution really comes by being completely honest with yourself sticking to the compass bearing you have set.....