Monday, January 21, 2013

How can People push Washington into action?

It's time to stop our elected officials from stalling change. It's time for Congress to reform the filibuster. It's time for the House and the Senate to get down to the real work of representing their constituents.

Let your Senators know: Legislators must speak their points on the Senate floor in order to continue debate; any lesser requirement is a sham orchestrated by those pseudopeople lobbying behind closed doors.
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The courts may have been conned into calling corporations people and allowing them to spend unidentifiable sums to influence elections, but it is We the REAL People who cast the votes that confer legislative power on our elected representatives. Our officials in Washington need to be aware that we expect them to actively represent US.

Call your Senators before tomorrow's filibuster vote and urge them to support Sen. Jeff Merkley's stronger package of reforms.
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