Thursday, January 10, 2013

How can opposites create something better?

Are we taught to be too diplomatic and polite? Do we offer only faint praise instead of constructive criticism? Have we forgotten how to stimulate effective debate? Are we living obliviously in our comfort zone and neglecting to check out surrounding reality? Ele Jansen implies as much in his post, and I agree.

Tomorrow's success will be found beyond the borders of today's knowledge. We'll only get to the innovations of tomorrow if we open our minds to learn something new and commingle our hopes and dreams and creative ideas into a synergy of new potential.

We can't improve on today without some constructive interaction between opposing points of view.
"Opposites Attract": Black Cat and White Cat wrestling
Collaboration isn't only for like-minded participants; that results in inertia. Rather, effective collaboration requires mutual stimulation that produces AHA moments that take thought into new trajectories of possibility.

Everyone's input is necessary to arrive at the desired result, but just disagreeing can't produce a solution. Ideas have to synthesize into something that never was before. The point of collaboration is to create new potential.
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