Monday, January 28, 2013

How can one of THOSE days ever get better?

Have you ever had one of THOSE days? The kind where everything seems to conspire against you? Where your good intentions go from awry to total disaster? Like some stern taskmaster has hung the standard for success way out there on the edge of a deep dark pit....

Exhaustingly, most of 2012 felt like that for me. Sure a few high points kept me afloat, but on the whole, I had the feeling that the world's energy was resisting my progress rather and propelling me in the right direction. Maybe it was that Mayan endpoint precipice looming at the calendar's close, but it seemed like I was sinking into a blackhole, caving in to outside forces that simply overwhelmed me.

BlackHoles: Owning the crap out of matter and energy since the universe began.
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Those sort of days just look like the end of life as we know it. I was doing everything I could to improve the situation and all my efforts were just opening the abyss wider.

Even though I've known for more than two decades that you can't tell someone what they aren't ready to hear, I was still trying to force information into the conversation. I spent energy explaining and complaining, and even when I took a geographic cure and was able to recover some perspective, I persisted in those diehard habits.

Looking back, though, the year was far from an unmitigated failure. Rather, it was a closing chapter on some dysfunctional patterns. Habits take focus and planning and practice to replace. Choices of appropriate action have to be made over and over. We have to eVALUEate priorities according to our most cherished values and persist in affirming them with every choice.

Success: What people think it looks like (straight line); What it really looks like (blobby squiggle)
In this dawning new era, I'm delighted to imagine that life as I knew it HAS ended. I'm intending to cultivate a new approach: to learn more effective skills and practice better choices every day. I plan to claim my energy and commit to creating the life I yearn for one valued moment at a time.

So far, I'm integrating my ideals into consistent progress, making 2013 look opportune for fullfillment of some of my best intentions.
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