Monday, December 31, 2012

Why do we resist change?

A friend exclaimed my daughter couldn't be a mother yet; in his mind, she was still "a small girl-child with a potty-chair!" not a married 35-year-old. Another wondered if there were anti-wrinkle exercises to keep hers at bay; at 86, she's earned the right to wear hers proudly but still she worries that at 90 they might overwhelm her.

Change. It's our permanent condition and yet, too often, we tend to live as if the world remains the same as our sweet memories, but loving toddlers become sulky teens just as surely as functioning appliances suddenly spark and fail.

Credit: Photobucket
This past year has been one of upheaval for me, and much of my family has experienced the impact of that universal constant. I've relocated from one coast to the other, but the beauty of change is that friends in NY, CT, TN, TX, IL, AL, wherever, are still as close as my computer.

We each have endured the realities of deteriorating loved ones, the added burdens of new responsibilities, the financial confusion of income loss or added expenses. My grandmother claimed "What can't be cured must be endured," yet just as the world has weathered countless variable winds, we spring back each day with confidence that tomorrow can be better.

Change. It may be our inevitable fate but it's a destiny ever-tempered by hope and improved by our own ever-available effort.
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Monday, December 10, 2012

How can you honor Human Rights today?

In honor of World Human Rights day, you can just sit there and watch this video:

Or you can write for Human Rights with Amnesty International.

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