Thursday, November 1, 2012

What would make mindset generational?

I'm sorry to burst Diego Palma's youthful "Going Into This Election,  Our Generation Sees the World Completely Differently" bubble, but it's not generational.

There are plenty of adults with decades of living under their belts who agree with Diego, and I venture to say that there are an unfortunate number of his age-peers who would side with his counterpointed Billy (Graham).

Mindset isn't categorizable by age or experience or any sort of standard demographic. Rather the ability to see the world from others' perspectives and respect their viewpoints is a result of the ability to actually THINK for oneself.

Sadly, learning to think for oneself is not encouraged in the American educational system or in any of the church institutions Billy and his ilk sponsor. Rather, children are too often taught by catechism, with multiple guess questions hinting at the right answers rather than thought-producing essay explorations.

Rote interpretation according to tradition is more apt to leave the student indoctrinated in conformity to an outdated -- biblical, so to speak -- outlook on the world, one in which accepting other philosophical perspectives and other moral choices is at best discouraged and more often strictly prohibited.

While I'd love to live in the world inhabited by Diego's generational friends, I'm skeptical whether there are really enough of them ready to vote their conscience to make this election a plebiscite for true freedom, personal liberty, and free choice. I am one in the older generations who thinks that day is worth looking forward to.

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