Friday, October 19, 2012

Who should you vote for?

History is a record of the power points of the past. Historic presidential campaigns are a record of the leaders' calls to stimulate people to move toward a united target, a destiny to manifest. Recall JFK asking us what we could do for our country; remember Johnson leading the drive to forge a Great Society.

Since then it's all been trickle down. Instead of holding our guiding light up to lead the way forward, we've dimmed its brightness with repetitious Middle East forays and covert Latin and South American interference and submission to multinational corporate manipulation.

Our country's role in international progress has been reflected in our nation's leadership. America has become mired in its history and the centuries-old language of our founding documents; we've forgotten that progress is only possible with change.

What we need now is not a presidential candidate who promises to take us back to old glory days, because what was forward-moving and inspiring in the past is just history now. What we need is a candidate who has the vision to see a new world and can help us imagine the better life we'll have by working together to make it happen.

Today changes as rapidly as the speed of global communication. The world has become a complex interactive network. When we think we can become more than we were, possibilities grow like synaptic synthesis.

It's time to unite in a vision of vibrant growth, to challenge the people to become more than we are, to foster innovation, to be willing to invest in the future with an infrastructure that can support explosive growth. We need a president who champions the power of the people and dreams of equity in opportunity and commits to ensuring equal access to fundamental human rights, freedom of personal choice, justice for every accused, and a nation that doesn't just fulfill its goals but continually expands its potential.

Each American voter has the responsibility to elect leaders who envision the future we yearn to live.
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