Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trick or Treat?

I moved in September. Determined to have my vote in this crucial election, I filled in my voter registration along with my drivers license forms and submitted both at the DMV back on Sept.25th. Last week, I wondered why I hadn't gotten a voting card or information on where to vote. I went online and then called -- only to discover they never processed my application!

Worse yet, the registration deadline was 12 hours before I checked (a full 2 weeks before the election). There is no way to research to find out where my paperwork went or what went wrong, and I have no recourse.

If I'd realized I had such an early deadline I'd certainly have checked it sooner. So now I can't vote in this crucial election

The claim is that the DMV didn't send in my forms, but in this election climate you have to wonder how many others registering as Independent voters had a similar experience. 

Anyway, I decided to contribute to the election to make my voice heard. The League of Conservation Voters supports causes related to climate change and the environment and will triple donations made though Nov.2. I hope you'll join me in combatting the dirty tricks of this election with a donation treat to the LCV.


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