Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why do we limit our Valentines?

It's Valentine's Day, that time to revisit the old couple's quandary of how to make the day romantic – or worse the day you're reminded you're 50% short on couple status. It's enough to make just about everyone feel as deflated as those hearts Cupid keeps puncturing.

If you've discovered that "smarmy greeting cards, overpriced roses," and stress aren't very romantic, you're probably ready for a better Valentine’s Day idea – and you're in luck. Network for Good has suggested an improvement:  Generosity Day.
Make your day about love, action, and human connection.
We don't need to let Cupid maim another soul. Each of us can choose to share our love more generously. Everyone deserves a happy heart – and not just one day a year.
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