Thursday, January 5, 2012

Why limit passion to romance?

Society tends to idealize coupleship passion. There may be an underlying biological imperative for replicating genes, but to focus society's resources on building homogenous communities is a misconception of bygone history.

This isn't to recommend promiscuous morals to enable more extra-marital diversity in the gene pool (though certainly humanity could derive an evolutionary benefit from that); rather, my point is that passion has no basis in sex or biological drives whatsoever. To focus social attention on marital fidelity ignores the far more transcending potential of passion in today's globalized community.

The sort of passion today's world would benefit more from is not unlimited localized population growth but rather passionate growth of other kinds. Passion is a driving force for creativity and fulfillment, and rather than limiting our conception of passion to human conception, passionate energy can be directed into far more productive choices for humanity, the environment, and our evolving global community.

As Jane McGonigal points out in Reality Is Broken, the planet's underutilized human resources are searching for more fulfilling ways to achieve their potential. To divert those ambitions into online games is less than globally productive not just from an evolutionary perspective but from a business point of view as well.

While monied corporate executives and legislatively self-empowered politicians focus on short-term resource exploitation for immediate personal profits, the planet's potential is squandered. Not only are physical resources dwindling in irreplaceable and irresponsible ways, but the human potential of most of humanity is being neglected at best and subverted more often.

Passion, not profit, is the planet's most valuable resource. Until we learn to nurture every individual's passionate potential, we are wasting time, effort, energy, and attention on not just the wrong but the most self-defeating purposes.

For the long-term benefits of all, we should be maximizing potential, and to do that, we need to make the most of all our resources, energy, and effort in the time available. To do that, we need to value every person for their unique potential. We need to develop their abilities, encourage their interests, and assist them to join with like-minded others to create the power pools of synergy that generate the energy of previously unimagined passionate potential.

Each and every individual has passion enfused in their core of being. It's time to identify, nurture, and maximize what is universally available today. Once we do, the world can become all it is capable of being – until then, we are living in the shadows of our dreams and limiting ourselves unnecessarily.

The longer we wait to realize the potential of unlimited passion, the more remedial effort we will need to undertake before true progress can begin.

But you don't have to wait for someone else to take the lead. You can start today by exploring your own passionate potential. When you do, the internal conflicts will drop away and you'll begin to live in the PeacePlace of ever-more-expansive fullfillment.

Why would anyone want to live a passionless existence?

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