Saturday, December 3, 2011

Why sit there when you can save a life?

Okay, go ahead and sit there, because it's that easy to save a life during the Write for Rights! writeathon. From today through Dec11, you can choose from 15 cases featured in this year's 50th anniversary Amnesty International letter writing campaign.

It's easy to Write for Rights! Follow these simple steps to success:

1. SIGN UP at the Write for Rights registration link:

2. Get your RESOURCES. Everything you need to participate is available on the AI Write for Rights website, including case summaries, sample letters, and helpful tip.

3. December 3-11 WRITE and MAIL your letters.

It's that easy to save a life. And don't forget to SPREAD THE WORD on Facebook and Twitter or by text and email. And then sit there and Write for Rights!
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