Monday, December 19, 2011

Why is love never enough?

In love's thoroughly excited state, our focus on our intense attraction and our most fervently desired interest urges us into further connection. This thrust toward love's source generates a powerful energizing boost of passion.

Like love, passion is not object-driven but an inner expression of our core desire. Passion pushes us into more intense participation in life, coupleship, a specific undertaking, or even the world in general. Once we feel the synergistic potential of passion, we yearn for its ever-growing potency.

Merging into this creative potential consumes artists, lovers, and inventors. We yearn for this flow of passion to push our lives beyond mere wishes and dreams and possibility into fulfillment.

More than the mere pull of love, passion fully fills us with transcendent possibility. Its explosive intensity has the ever-expansive power to fulfill more potential. When, whether individually, in coupleship, or as part of a enthusiastically connected group, we wholly embrace a passionate intensity, the power of our focal passion overwhelms our everyday lives. We are fully filled with a  synergistic power we could never have created on our own.

Because we yearn to live in the generative intensity of that synergistic power, we are always looking for more than "just" love. The passion we seek begins with love's attraction, develops in love's intimate unitive focus, and evolves ever after into more of what love's potential could be.

To settle for a love with less passion than synergy's generative potential can never fully satisfy our longing for fullfillment.
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