Friday, December 16, 2011

Why does passion surpass love?

We are inevitably attracted to love. This is by definition: Love is the attractive lure of our deep inner longing for connection. In actuality, no other person (or thing) is necessary as a recipient for our attractive impulse. (We can love an idea or working on a project.) Often, though, we associate the urge with coupleship and pine for our true love to appear.

When we do connect with someone (or some focus) to love, we are pulled to devote more time and attention to build the intensity of our connection. The allure of possibility excites in us an urge to join more closely with whatever we identify as the source of our attraction. While love requires no physical object, this urge for our focal intensity to unite with our most driving desire pushes us toward love's source. It's not sexually driven but a yearning for deep unitive connection.

When we nurture our loving connection, we become more and more excited by the possibilities of joining more fully with our love; we imagine our love becoming something greater. Intense longing compels us to transform the potential our love encompasses into an explosive transcendent force: We yearn to create more than we were alone in our separateness; we long to produce something that never was before.

In mutually responsive coupleship, our shared emotional attraction can indeed build beyond mundane everyday love. When we connect with another and create enough shared intensity, we stimulate a special excitement with explosive power. As the bonds of reciprocated attraction deepen, we discover that the newfound romantic swoon we commonly label as love is only a shadow of the even more powerful emotional attraction: passion.
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