Friday, December 9, 2011

What's special about First Love?

There's something irreplicable about First Love, and even when the coupleship doesn't last, there's an allure that lingers around the memories that reminds us of its beginning. Yet, in reality that's true of all romances: that first sense of attraction and special connection underlies all the rest.

Whenever things are going badly, we bring that sense of fresh possibility to mind to keep us trying to revive that bursting potential we once felt. And after a coupleship ends, the heart filters out hard dying memories to settle on that first, most powerfully enchanting attraction and retains that sense of mutual heartlinked connection at memory's core.

Always and forever, we continue seeking that sense of wholeness in duality. It's our essential nature to be attracted to connections that feel fulfilling. We yearn to replicate that potential if/whenever we can.

Reciprocity in wholeness is the very essence of our being. Mutuality of connection is the fundamental underlying drive of all we do. Despite the litter of heart shards cluttering the past, we're always moving forward with the hope that this next encounter might be the attraction that transforms into the ever-more expansive connective bonding the heart eternally yearns for.

Coupleship may be a search destined to end in heartbreak, but when any pairing inevitably ends, the First Love at memory's core always goes on, as fresh as a new beginning.
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